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the local public library

O'Fallon Public Library
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This blog post was supposed to be about the loveliness that is Google Plus.  At the same time I’ve been wanting to write about my love affair with my local public library.

So why is this particular blog about the local public library?  Because I live in Toronto.  And Toronto is under attack from the current Mayor, Rob/Doug Ford.

However, this post won’t be about the politics.

I believe that even in today’s hyper-connected, always on, mobile and social society, that the local public library still provides massive value for all of us.


Seriously.  I still read books.  Old ones and new ones.  Fiction and business-focused books, too.  The great thing about borrowing a book is twofold:  If I don’t like it I don’t feel like I wasted $25 on a purchase.  I just return the book.  Second, the 2-4 week borrowing period allows me to focus on finishing the book before the late fees start accruing.  And please don’t tell me that books are dying and that tablets will rule the world.  That’s another blog post.  By the way, libraries offer more…

Magazines and Newspapers:

Oh yes!  I can browse through the latest (or oldest! Really any edition)  Men’s Health and figure out what exercises I should do to lose weight in 3 simple steps over 14 days.


Being able to borrow CDs from classic artists like Neil Young is priceless.  My library also has books on CD.  But wait for this one:  I can also use my computer to download audio files to listen to.  Amazing, I know.


Videos and DVDs.  I can catch up on all the popular TV shows of today as well as movies I’ve yet to watch or haven’t watched.

For The Kids:

Probably most important for me is what the library offers to me as a dad.  It’s by far and away one of my son’s favourite places to go and visit.  He loves to read and be read to.  And the library is FULL of kids books.  They also offer toys, a kids area and kids programming during the holidays and vacations.

So I like the library and everything that it has to offer.  Even the amazing people who work there.  For me, the local public library is part of my neighbourhood and community.  No matter how connected, social and mobile I am and become, I’ll still go into the library and hope to find my next good book.