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Check Your Blood Pressure

For as long as I remember it seems I’ve had high blood pressure. It’s a combination of being overweight, a diet high in salt and of being brown.

I currently now take two pills every day to help control my blood pressure. It’s currently at a “healthy”  127/86. But it’s been much higher.

High blood pressure is ranked as the third most important risk factor for attributable burden of disease in south Asia (2010). That’s what I mean by being brown. And it doesn’t help that my dad has high blood pressure and has already suffered a heart attack.

I’m hoping to lose weight this year and boost my heart health. To do so, I’ll be attempting to log into My Fitness Pal everyday to log my calorie intake and my fitness activities. I use the words “hoping” and “attempting” purposefully because everyday can be a challenge and a struggle.

If you’re not aware of your blood pressure drop into your local pharmacy (Shoppers Drug Mart here in Toronto) and have it checked for free. You should also visit your family doctor at least once a year for a check up.

Image credit: Indian Express