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My latest on itbusiness

I continue to contribute to one of Canada’s top online destinations for business professionals: itbusiness.ca. My latest piece discusses the different types of businesses that I have had the pleasure of studying over the past few years in the digital space.


Please take a little trip on the interweb and read “Why Does Your Start-Up Exist?” I would love it if you could leave your thoughts, comments and share. Thanks!

Update from Bogota, Colombia

Yes. I’m in coffee country. I’m here as a guest of ProExport which is the Colombian government agency in charge of promoting the country to attract foreign investment. I will also be attending Colombia 3.0.

While in Bogota (which is a beautiful, clean, cosmopolitan city that is quickly becoming very modern and high tech) I will be writing articles, capturing videos and posting photos.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 7.24.04 AM

You can check my Bogota photo album on Facebook here.   And I just had my first article from this trip published today on itbusiness.ca about why Canadian companies ought to look to Bogota as a city to invest in. Check it out here.  And stay tuned on Twitter and my blog for more updates.