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Wayne and Elizabeth Cuffe

I remember it was in HomeEc class. The year and grade escapes me. But it was at JB Tyrrell Senior Public School in Scarborough. Wayne Cuffe was able to recite the full dialogue of the movie, Terminator.

Wayne also liked to make people laugh. But he wasn’t one of the cool kids. He was different. And I liked different. I still do. So when social media came around I naturally followed many old school mates including Wayne. He was always happy. But it felt real. He’s still into pop culture. His workouts even follow the style of his favourite superheroes. When he travels he shares stories of the people he meets and those that inspire him. And he always shares photos of his wife, Elizabeth. And GROOT. After more than twenty years we meet again.

Welcome to the studio, Wayne and Elizabeth Cuffe.

This is Episode #163 of the Welcome! podcast.

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