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Welcome! Episode #23: Khadija Cajee

The following article was originally posted on Girth Radio.

On Saturday February 20, 2016 Khadija Cajee joined Welcome’s Karim Kanji at PodCamp Toronto for a special one our interview in front of a live audience.

Khadija Cajee | #NoFlyListKids | Karim Kanji

Khadija Cajee’s six year old son, Syed Adam Ahmed, has been on Canada’s DHP (Deemed High Profile) for as long as she and her husband, Sulemaan Ahmed, can remember.

During this conversation Karim and Khadija discuss the following:

– How a single tweet led to a series of tweets that led to real public discourse.
– When did Khadija and her family find out their son was on the DHP list?
– How many kids under 18 years old are on the DHP list in Canada?
– What is Khadija doing to shed light on this issue?
– Will kids under 18 ever be off the DHP list?
– What is #NoFlyListKids and how can people become involved?
– What liberties are we willing to give up for the sake of security?
– What is Minister Goodale doing to ensure that children are not on the DHP list?

For more information on #NoFlyListKids please visit the website.

Khadija Cajee | #NoFlyListKids | Karim Kanji

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