Sustainable Condo

On April 24th-25th, the Toronto Real Estate Board held their annual Realtor Quest at the Toronto Congress Centre. Realtor Quest offers Realtors an opportunity to earn valuable CE credits, networking opportunities with fellow Realtors and a wide range of vendors and associated services.

This year there was an amazing display called The Sustainable Condo. According to their website, “The Sustainable Condo, a full size display suite, demonstrates how human comfort and environmental responsibility can be acheived by combining smart, innovative design with state-of-the-art green building technologies, materials and products that are available and affordable now, from local suppliers and manufacturers.”

I highly encourage everyone to visit and see for yourself what this amazing project is all about!

If you are a Realtor, I think this is something your present and future clients may be demanding and or looking for. If you are an avid environmentalist, then this is something you’ll love! Or if you’re just like me, someone who is interested in how a “sustainable” living environment can actually work, then this project will captivate your imagination.

I thank you for reading.

Karim Kanji