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Street Art: Graffiti Alley St Catherines

Our visits of “small town” Ontario continued to St. Catherines, Ontario.

The official nickname of St. Catharines is “The Garden City” due to its 1,000+ acres of parks, gardens and trails.

As a way to erase St. Catharines’ graffiti problem, local businesses Fulton Fitness and Mahtay CafĂ© teamed up to showcase the work of dozens of graffiti artists from across the province. The alleyway in between James Street and the parallel Garden Park is now a dedicated area for serious artists to spend days straight on their pieces without having to worry about policing. Every year since 2003 there has been a convergence of artists during the Garden Park Urban Art Festival Graffiti Jam where artists are encouraged to let their creative flair free. (source)