sms episode #5

Hey there!

Recently I’ve started a podcast called SMS: Social Media Show.  You’ve probably seen my copy the posts here on this blog.  Starting with this post, I’m going to mix it up a little. 

Instead of posting the show notes I’m going to post a link to the podcast or Ustream of the episode.  Then, I’m going to ask some questions about some of the topics we’ve been discussing on the show.

I think this is a better idea.  I feel that by stimulating some conversation two things will happen.

First, you will enjoy the show more.  Second, I will be better able to prepare for future shows.

Chatting About Google and Chatroulette:

Post podcast discussion:

  1. Has anyone used Google Chat to make a phone call? My brother called me and the conversation was clear and not as choppy as Skype.
  2. Speaking of Skype, should they “be afraid”?
  3. Rumour has it that making free call to the US and Canada will continue into the New Year. Given this, is there any reason to have a home phone anymore?  Doesn’t everyone use a mobile phone?

Let’s discuss!