Second last week of 2007 and here’s some late, breakin’ news for YOU!

Royal LePage is forecasting a great 2008 in real estate. You’re kidding…

This just in: The Real Estate Boom is over. At least in Edmonton, Alberta.

This just in: The Real Estate Boom is starting. At least in Newfoundland!

With Toronto’s new Land Transfer tax coming in 2008 some are wondering if this will force business and real estate out of 416 and into 905. Here‘s a take on it.

More news on the US Real Estate crash. 2008 may be worse than 2007. (Sell your bank stocks…I’m just saying…)

Chris Bradley is giving back. Although this may be part good stuff and part publicity, this blogger thinks this is a good idea that should be copied.

Congratulations to Women Canadian Entreprenuer of the year…a Toronto based Realtor. Read on!

First time buyers are helping to keep the resale market strong. Century 21 Report.