recommend before reference

I love introducing people to each other.  And I wish I could do it more often.

On a weekly basis I make it a point to try to properly introduce two people to each other.  Mind you, not just any type of introduction.  A professional and business introduction that will hopefully be of a lasting benefit to the both of them.

Just yesterday, I spoke with a company based in Montreal that mobilizes websites for companies.  I was hooking them up with a pretty web savvy Realtor here in Toronto.  And then I got to thinking:

What if I could introduce both of these people to other people in my network automatically? The answer:


LinkedIn allows people to recommend their connections.  So I can now recommend this mobile app company (via the people who work and run the company) to everyone in my network and to everyone who is on LinkedIn. 

HR professionals can also use this cool feature when looking to hire prospective employees.  No need to ask for references.  Just ask for their LinkedIn profile url.

So here’s what I would suggest:

  • Create (if you haven’t already) a LinkedIn profile.
  • Link with as many co-workers, friends, and business acquaintances as possible.
  • If you’ve worked with anyone ask them to recommend you.
  • Recommend people who you have worked with.

How can we use these recommendations?

  • Create links on your corporate website that point to these recommendations.  Next time someone looks you up they may see someone in common who has used your company and their recommendation.
  • If someone has recommended you, you may want to ask them to help you meet someone they are associated with.

How do you use LinkedIn?  Have you had any success with their recommendation feature?