Happy New Year!

So, have you made your resolutions? Promises? Objectives?

Call it what you may but we obviously want to improve or continue along our merry way this year. Outside of losing weight, making more money and getting more sleep, what do you want to achieve or do?

Here’s something to chew on (sorry dieters!). Read. And I’m not suggesting blogs, newspapers or magazines. Books. The good old fashioned book.


Two main reasons. Entertainment and personal growth. Reading is actually fun when done outside of work or school – trust me! And the knowledge we can get while doing so can help us tackle new problems or even see things in a new light. Studies have even shown that “bibliotherapy” actually works.

We can read at any time in any place! At night in bed, on the “royal throne”, on the TTC, at dinner time, during lunch, and even at your workplace.

No matter what you want to achieve this year let’s do a little bit more reading.

Need help figuring out what to read? Check this list out for those business minded or this list of most recommended books.

Happy reading!

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