Post 61

I was trying to come up with an interesting title for this post. Seeing that it’s my 61st contribution, I thought, “Why not?”

What I really want to get out there to you today relates to what happened last night. No, not the Leafs losing in overtime (Yeah, there was a hockey game on!).

Barak Obama is President-Elect of the USA. A black man. A Democrat. A populist. An idealist.

There are lots of things one could call the “leader of the free world.” We tend to label people based on the groups they belong to. Just once I’d like to see a person judged or viewed through the prism of their decisions and actions.

Statements like, “I’d never vote for THAT party.” or “I always vote THIS way.” are ignorant and short-sighted in my opinion.

Partisanship is dogma. It’s dead. Or at least it should be.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, American or not – Today Barak Obama has the most intense job in world for at least the next 4 years. You want things to change for the better? It’s time to work together for the good of all. To create oppotunities. To foster entreprenuership. To ensure that no one gets left behind. To protect the world’s resources for our future generations.

America: I dare you to put aside political differences. I dare you to make yourself good again.

We’re watching.

And hoping.