I think Bob Dylan sang about change. In fact, I’m sure many an artist and poet has written about change.

And change seems to be the theme these days.

Gas prices are dropping. Real estate sales are slowing down. The Kanj, Vanessa and Clarence have moved back to the ‘Stoke and have already taken ownership of a shiny red car. The Conservatives (not to be confused with the Progressive Conservatives) are back in power in Canada. The Liberal Party is looking for a new leader. America is at a crossroads between “that guy” and “more George Bush”. The Toronto Maple Leafs are finally rebuilding. Pat Gillick just won his third World Series with the Phillies. The stock market is up. Or is it down?


I do know this: If I expect a different result I need to do something different. Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is insane.

Yes, there are changes happening. Across the globe, in your country, your city and in your home. We are not exempt from change. The choice we all need to make is this: Are we going to allow these changes to dictate to us how we live out the rest of the year and 2009 and beyond? Or are we going to take charge and start to implement the kind of change we want to see for ourselves in our own lives?

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