Opening Day

No other sport has one. Not even students have it. Corporate Canada can’t imagine ever having it either.

Opening Day.

Not even Canada’s beloved game of hockey has an Opening Day. They do have the first game of the season. Just not an Opening Day.

There’s the first day of school. But even going back to school doesn’t have offer hope. Going back to school is like going back to work on a Monday: You can feel your stomach getting tied in knots on Sunday evening.

Today is Opening Day in Toronto. Blue Jays versus the Tigers.

It may be snowing outside here in the big city but the Boys of Summer are back at their trade tonight.

Baseball is Back!

Why does baseball, still an innocent sport despite what MLB has done to itself, still evoke hope and passion? Why does baseball transcend boundaries and unite historians and 3 year olds?

Is it because everything that happens between the two white lines, stays between the two white lines? Or is it because there’s no time limit to the game? Or maybe because, in baseball, the players play until there’s a winner?

Whatever it is, my heart is a little warmer today. Even though it’s colder outside and the snow continues to fall.

Let’s play ball!

(photo courtesy of WisDoc from Flickr)