Only the whole person is a holy person….

Only the whole person is a holy person.

In the East, many have condemned the body or the physical world saying that matter doesn’t matter. Likewise, traditional religion in the West has suppressed the sensual world, often calling material and physical pleasures carnal and sinful.

However in the secular West, we’ve often made matter all that matters, worshiping on the altar of the physical body and its toys and trinkets.

I submit to you that “poor” is a state of mind, heart and soul, and not just a financial state. Just like true Harmonic Wealth is so much more than what’s in your wallet. And I’ve got news for you… While I can’t say that every person who’s rich is spiritual, I can assure you that those who are poor are not spiritual!

Reread that last paragraph and be sure you understand this new definition of “poor.”
So many religions of the East and fundamentalists of the West want to condemn society at large for chasing after illusion, for being caught up in the materialistic mind. I can agree with that on one level… but there’s more to the equation.

I’m tired of the individuals that are so “spiritual” and yet they are always sick and broke!
This is NOT spirituality. Jesus wore a seamless robe (the most expensive garment of his day), had a treasurer (so he must have had some money) and, to my knowledge, was never documented as being physically sick.

The reason that many remain poor is because they’ve denied the physical world. You are a spiritual being having a PHYSICAL experience (remember that… Chardin had it right). Therefore, I guarantee that your Creative Source did not send you here to suffer and deny the physical experience. That makes no sense at all.

Both of these arguments are only half right, which means that neither are playing with a full deck.

No person who is half can be whole, and no person that is not whole can be holy.

Your goal must be to be truly whole: wealthy in body, health, relationships, finances, meditation, science and spirituality. The student can sample fine wine, food, clothing, art and music, dance on the beach and sing in the rain. And at the same time, the same student can enjoy the depth of consciousness and the heights of energy that belong to all the truly spiritual. The true student is a harmony of male and female energies, yin and yang, physical and spiritual.

The material minded are hollow. They have no eternal significance… only momentary, fleeting pleasure. Driven by the ego, this person finds him or herself constantly tiring of all accomplishments and acquisitions.

The insatiable thirst of the ego is driven by one motivation, and that motivation is “More!”
Conversely, the renouncing, reclusive and suppressive “spiritual student” is hollow as well… Missing the entire opportunity of the physical plane… Missing the joy, the beauty, the heights and the depths of the human experience… Longing to be elsewhere and often thinking that their reward lies in the next life. To these half men and women I ask, “Why do you think you are here?”

Every master I’ve ever studied or have had the privilege to meet have had a great sense of humor and experienced a tremendous amount of fun and joy!

Wisdom is being fully engaged in all of life and yet detached from outcome. Prediction and control are the domain of the ego and are both illusion. Live life to the fullest in all areas… This is your birthright.

To your continued wealth and happiness,

James Arthur Ray
James Ray International