not available

Last weekend I was offline.  I didn’t tweet.  I didn’t even check my twitter stream.  I did not even go on Facebook or check any email.  The closest thing I came to using the computer was seeing how the weather was going to be.

In today’s age of  “always being available” I found this past weekend to be refreshing.  And busy.

Now I was anxious.  But only a little.  I have an event that happens in less that one month and there are people who are counting on me.  But they all have my phone number.

So what did I do that kept me busy?

  1. I watched almost every Thomas The Tank Engine and Bob The Builder dvd and vhs we have with my son.  And we do have alot of videos/dvds.
  2. I read a few stories from Malcolm Gladwell’s “What The Dog Saw”.
  3. I took afternoon naps.
  4. We fed ducks at Harbourfront.
  5. We celebrated my sister’s birthday at her cool downtown condo.  (She cooks a great green curry something or the other. Really.)

So, I know it’s only Tuesday afternoon.  But why not “schedule” to be offline this weekend.  It doesn’t have to be this weekend.  I’m just suggesting to keep the smartphone in your desk (or at least data free) and your laptop powered down.

You’ll be amazed to see how much you can accomplish and how free you can be when you’re “not available.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on unplugging yourself.  Has anyone ever tried it recently?