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I think that it is very interesting what is happening in American real estate. With people ‘walking’ away from ‘unaffordable’ homes, there seems to be many deals to be had. Al of a sudden the real estate market down south is a buyers market…STILL! Only thing that has changed is that the sub-prime mortgage fiasco will keep interest rates low. So housing continues to be an investment opportunity for many new and eager home buyers.
And what about here in Canada? Well, the market continues to boom. And not just ‘out West’. Even here in my hometown province of Ontario, the market continues to reach new peaks even though many experts disagree on the pace of the industry. Is it slowing down? Is it still heating up? Flip a coin and pick your poison.
As for me. I’m waiting for two things before I jump into the buyers market. First, paying down debt. Second, waiting for the real SALE.
Now, on to the news….
I thought you might be interested to know that a local real estate outfit is offering a Ferrari to a co-operating broker:
Markham, ON, Canada August 17th, 2007 – Arun Mehta, President & CEO of the Richmond Group of Companies announced that Richmond Realty Group will offer a Ferrari 355 Spider to the co-operating broker for a day in appreciation for the sale of 35 McKenzie Avenue, Rosedale.

“We felt that due to 35 McKenzie Avenue being in the price category, and in the location of Rosedale that it was incumbent on our part, to initiate marketing efforts that reflected the financial stature of the house, and location. We are quite fortunate to team up with GTA Exotic Car Rentals who are providing this car. They have been very supportive throughout this marketing campaign. The response from our clients and the brokerage community has been very positive. We are also quite pleased to be selected not only for the disposition, but also for the property management of this truly magnificent home,” said Arun Mehta.

Richmond Realty Group (Ontario) Inc. (RRG) is a full serviced real estate company. Its sister company Richmond Advisory Services Inc. (RAS) is a multi-disciplinary management consulting firm which provides real estate, risk management, and workforce mobility consulting services.

Both RRG and RAS are headquartered in Markham, Ontario.

For more information on the Richmond Group of Companies, please refer to the following link:

Richmond Advisory Services Inc.
Richmond Realty Group (Ontario) Inc. Brokerage

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Tell an American that you’re Canadian and they’ll ask you how you heat your igloo. Serious! Maybe it’s because they watch too much Fox and CNN News. But seriously, there’s only one left….Igloo that is.

La-La Land is taking notice of the red-hot Canadian market. Kinda late dudes!

If you didn’t notice, GREEN is sexy. And 401 and Kennedy is bring sexy back! Yeah!

Someone in Edmonton believes that Canadians may soon suffer the same fate as those poor Americans.
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