my top seven #followfriday

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In no particular order here are some cool people I interacted with this week on Twitter.  These are not just “avatars” to me.  They have added and continue to add value to my life: personally and/or professionally.  If you’re on Twitter, I suggest you follow them too!

  1. @soniyamonga.  Soniya is Toronto’s digital girl. She has written for Techvibes and TheMark.  She was also a co-host with me on Social Media Show last year.  Currently you can find her repping LinkedIn Canada and speaking at gigs all over North America.
  2. @ManalSiddiqui. People squirm when she tells them she works for the government.  But more than that she is passionate about social finance initiatives.  Very passionate.  And she loves heels.
  3. @karimawad. Karim has more than just a  cool name. He also has a big heart and loves to share it with people.  He’s my inspiration for getting up at 5am to work for a couple of hours. So you can also blame him if I get cranky in the evening.
  4. @alisaan.  Aleksandra always has a smile on her face and a good word for everyone she meets.  And her exercise regiment is inspiring.
  5. @verynichey. Mandy is the founder of Creative Niche here in Toronto. And she is a HUGE supporter of anyone and everyone who is starting their own business. Thanks for the support Mandy!
  6. @clickflickca. Everyone’s favourite guy. A good lunch mate and a good friend.
  7. @greggtilston. One of the few people I can credit for helping me find my voice in this space. Gregg and a few other people are responsible for helping me become who I am.  So if you think I tweet a lot, blame Gregg.
By the way, there is something else all these “Tweeple” have in common.  I met them in real life first.  And I continue to see them on a regular basis.
Have a great weekend!
(PSA: If you’re in Canada please don’t forget to vote on Monday.)