museum of inuit art

Museum of Inuit Art

This past weekend we visited the Museum of Inuit Art in Toronto. You heard right. Toronto is home to the MIA. The Museum is apparently the only one of it’s kind in urban Canada devoted exclusively to¬†art made by the Inuit.

You can find the Museum of Inuit Art at Harbourfront in the Queen Quay Terminal Building on the main floor.

Continued learning is an important thing in our household. Whether it be learning about different cultures or places in our city, you can usually find us soaking in some new knowledge on the weekends.

For example, did you know that the Inuit were encouraged by the Canadian government to learn and sell their art as a result of being forcibly removed from their homeland by that same government?

If you’ve never been to the Museum of Inuit Art, I highly encourage you to do so. Visit them online.