Morgan Campbell: My Fighting Family

The episode kicks off with host Karim Kanji and returning guest and new author Morgan Campbell discussing the parallels between the publishing and boxing industries, highlighting the similarities between writers and boxers, editors and trainers, and agents and managers. They emphasize the importance of active promotion in both fields, drawing insightful comparisons between book promotion and the marketing efforts involved in selling pay-per-view boxing events.

The episode then touches on the intricacies of writing a book about family, with Campbell highlighting the complexities of family dynamics and the need to write from his own perspective. They also reflect on their experiences with education, sharing memories of the lack of natural light in their school and the impact of technology on learning.

morgan campbell and karim kanji
morgan campbell and karim kanji with the book my fighting family

Campbell passionately addresses the issue of Black America’s culture being underappreciated and appropriated, emphasizing the lack of authentic love and compensation for their contributions.

The meeting concludes with a discussion about a poignant passage from Campbell’s book, “My Fighting Family Borders and Bloodlines and the Battles That Made Us,” where Campbell vividly describes a pivotal moment in a high school football game. They also share their thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl, with Campbell expressing his confidence in the Kansas City Chiefs’ ability to outperform the San Francisco 49ers.

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This is Episode #285 of the Welcome! podcast.