Mediazoic: the birth of a new era in music and media

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Another reason to attend April 7th’s FashionConnectTO:

You will probably see Toronto’s “next big thing.” How can we say that? You need to look no further than our last event, MusicConnectTO.


One of the panelists at MusicConnectTO was Greg Nisbet of Mediazoic. Mediazoic is simply a network of internet radio stations. Mediazoic makes the software which allows you and I to create, customize, & dj our own radio station…or stations.

Next Thursday, March 31st, Mediazoic goes live! And we couldn’t be more excited or happy for our friends!
Of course, all of you are invited. Here are the details:

At 9pm, on March 31st, Toronto’s Revival will play host to celebrate Mediazoic’s launch and to host Mediazoic’s own awards show – The Zoics – all live-streamed to the Internet.

Currently broadcasting in private beta, Mediazoic is counting down to midnight (April 1, 2011) when it goes live to the public.

For only $10 at the door, you can be part of this historic evening. The Zoics feature awards for categories like Coolest Hat and Sexiest Guitar, presented by local music scene notables. All bands receiving a Zoic will also be playing live.

And in the spirit of new and social media, Mediazoic has a couple of cool things for everyone to participate in:

  • Have a cool idea for an award category? Let us know by posting on this event’s Wall, and if yours is chosen, you’ll win free admission!
  • Can’t afford the $10 admission price? Enter our VIP Streamer Contest:

Register for the Mediazoic launch on their Facebook page:

Enter the VIP Streamer Pass Contest:

And, of course, don’t forget to check out FashionConnectTO and to register!

MusicConnectTo Wrap Up from XConnectTO on Vimeo.