Marketing Genius

Some of you may know that I love the marketing genre. I especially love marketing that thinks. Marketing that makes you go – as Arsenio Hall would say – hmmm.

Remember Obay? For those of you in Toronto who use the TTC you may remember this smart campaign brought to you by Brilliant! It played off the continuing struggle between parents and their children. Here, the struggle was to ensure that children do as they are told – go to university. The genius behind this was the Ontario Colleges.

How about the Sarah Marshall phenomenon? Did YOU know it was a movie? It could have been anything. The I Still Hate You Sarah Marshall posters took advantage of the blogging culture to spread the word about the movie.

But my recent favourite has to be the new and improved Shreddies. You didn’t know? Yeah! Shreddies are not square shapped anymore. They are now making Shreddies diamond shapped! Amazing.

Quirky. And Funny!

An eBay seller has even taken this to the marketplace selling the last square shaped Shreddies. Bid now! Check out this report at
Marketing. It’ll put a smile on your face too.
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