Loving the Small Things

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Loving the Small Things. A Guest Post by Mehnaz at Strawberry Ghetto

I’m not a romantic. Flowers make my eyes water and too much candy doesn’t do much good for someone who has a metabolism akin to molasses in winter. I’m too old and too allergic for stuffed animals and I don’t like the spotlight anywhere near myself (except when singing). I never liked Valentine’s Day in all its Hallmarked glory. It makes February even more depressing. And quite frankly, the economy is doing nobody any favours at the moment. This February however, I’ve forced myself to write about Love. Perhaps it will push me out my curmudgeonly February state of being. Or perhaps I need the reminder.

Last night I was reading, and I heard the sound of rain outside. I love rain, whether drizzle or torrential (I’ve conceded to being a Vancouverite‚Ķ. What can I say?). Rain makes me grateful for everything. It helps to clear away things like the last remnants of a terrible snowstorm. It lets you start new. It lets everything sigh in relief. I’m always grateful for rain, and so I love it.

Today it’s sunny. Periodically. It is Vancouver after all. The air has cleared up and I’m seeing the first signs of spring. Everything is turning lovely shades of green. I went for a walk today and reveled in the crisp February air. I still need my red gloves, but it’s all worth it.

When we’re inundated with stuffed bears, cinnamon candy and the overwhelming urge to buy diamond-encrusted heart pendants (another gift that gives me a headache in my teeth from cringing), it’s easy to forget that everyday we’re surrounded by people, things and ideas we love. From a friend who recommends a song you might like, to a spouse who buys that specific kind of cereal you love, it’s everywhere. Nuts to the stuffed bears.

Whether you’re an old realist like I am or you’re someone who believes life is a box of puppies, it’s nice to remember we all love something or someone that makes each day that much more bearable. Why once a year? Love what you have everyday: Fresh laundry, a sturdy umbrella, a savings account, hair. Whatever makes you happy.

I’m not going to say something like ‘Everyday should be Valentine’s day.’ Nobody wants to hear that. I couldn’t live with that. But it should be like any other day really, where the little things matter the most.

Happy Everyday!