Leading From The Heart.

Another one bites the dust. A book that is. This is one “leadership” book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Duke basketball legend and coach, Mike Krzyzewski, wrote a book in 2001 titled, Leading From the Heart.

Here’s what you’ll read in this book: A narrative of Coach K’s (as he is affectionatly known) life from growing up in Chicago to leading Duke’s basketball program during their 100 year anniversary.

Leading From The Heart is a great book. And here is why it is for me: Because Coach K describes in detail his conversations, thoughts and actions in a variety of different situations. Situations that everyone – sportsperson, student, business tycoon, employee – can relate to.

The best part is his take on winning and success. I think you’ll enjoy it.

So, if you’re on a team, lead a team, or want to achieve the success that the Blue Devils have, this is a great book to pick up this summer and enjoy on your hammock.

Happy reading!

What are you reading this summer?