Inspirational Person – The Good Doctor

I suggested a few blog posts ago that I would highlight a couple of inspirational people a month in this space. I’m gonna cut that down to one. At least. That way I can still host a few guest blogs and write about other things. However, don’t be surprised if I highlight more than one person a month. Thanks for understanding. And now, on with today’s show…

Roy “Doc” Halladay.

I know. He’s been in the news a lot lately regarding a potential trade away from the only professional baseball team he’s ever played for. He’s a multi-million dollar pitcher. Many consider him the best at his craft. Even George W. Bush likes him (Dubya was a part owner of the Texas Rangers baseball club before he was President of the U.S.).

So why is he this month’s Inspirational Person?

Is it because he plays for my favourite team? Is it because he’s so good? Is it because Doc is topical? Not at all.


It’s something I strive for. And I know many of you strive for it.

Focus is that thing you do with a single-minded purpose. Whatever your purpose and vision is (heck, whatever it is that you do think about and do on a daily basis) demands that you be focused. We all need to be focused to complete our “task” with excellence.

It’s what Doc does. Everyday. Not just every fifth day when he is on the mound. But everyday, he prepares himself – mentally and physically – so that when he is called upon he displays excellence. These past few days, we have seen him answer question after question about the why and where and when of the trade rumours (especially during last week’s All-Star game). And what what his answer? It was calm and professional. How did he pitch? Well, yesterday, he pitched a complete game six-hitter for another complete game victory over the American League leaders, Boston Red Sox.

How does he do it?


And that’s why he’s this month’s (and this blog’s) inaugural Inspirational Person.

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