Kris Siddiqi

Kris Siddiqi

Welcome to the podcast, Kris Siddiqi!

We talked about the Canadian comedy scene, Siddiqi’s experiences in television, and his personal life. We also discussed the death of the Just for Laughs Festival and the need for more exposure for local comedians across Canada.

We also talked about Siddiqi’s roles in Law & Order and the presence of Canadian actors in the show. Kris and I also discussed his experiences hosting galas at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and the challenges of raising children in the entertainment industry.

The conversation also touched on the shifting terrain of comedy, with Kris and I raising questions about the impact of the democratization of comedy content and the absence of traditional gatekeepers. We explored the challenges of navigating the vast quantity of comedy specials on platforms like Netflix and the need for comedians to carve out their unique voices in this new comedic landscape.

The meeting ended with Kris sharing details about his recent projects in television, such as the Netflix show, I Woke Up A Vampire, and Apple TV’s The Changeling.

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This is Episode #290 of the Welcome! podcast.