itunes and beatles – does it matter?

“Who cares?”

This is what millions of Beatles and iTunes Apple fanboys asked when Steve Jobs announced that the most popular boy band of all time, the Beatles, were finally coming to iTunes.

And at first look they may have been right.  Just this past decade, The Beatles have appeared on the BillBoard Top 200 for 5 of these years.  So, sales and airplay have never been a problem.

So why bother FINALLY going into the iTunes store:

Here are some stats from Reuters:

  1. More than 2 million songs sold.
  2. 450,000 albums sold.
  3. Abbey Road was the top selling Beatles album and ended the past week on US iTunes charts at #6.
  4. The Beatles Box Set was #10.

So maybe some people didn’t think this was big news at the time of the announcement.

However, after almost 2.5 million paid digital downloads both Apple and The Beatles think this does matter.

Which brings up an important question:  Does this all matter in the age of people and pixels?

Yes.  And here’s why:  It’s about content.  Content that matters.  Content that  is good.  Content that is timeless.  And after decades of not making new music as a band their content is still timeless.

So here’s the takeaway:  When it comes to creating content (blogging, online video, making a product, writing a book or song, etc…) understand that one thing will “keep it alive”.  And it’s not the tools (The Beatles are a prime example).  It’s content.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please feel free to comment below.