Impact of the Mitchell Report on a Father & Son

Impact of the Mitchell Report on a Father & Son

Well, as many of you who are not hibernating know, yesterday MLB received it’s report card. It’s popularly known as The Mitchell Report.

Among other things, it paints the Rogers Centre as the Canadian epicenter for Roids. Kinda like a BALCO – North. That’s the way I see it anyhow. And the ramifications are endless. No doubt, you will read, hear and watch as experts and non-experts alike pontificate on the future and past of MLB. This note will not touch on any of that.This note is dedicated to one Kahzmir Amin Kanji.

Kahzmir turned 21 months old on the day Senator Mitchell released his much anticipated report on MLB and Roids.

So, Kahzmir, I turn to you and ask you what I should do? We have a Troy Glaus special edition baseball card. Also, we have that cute little bobblehead of Greg Zaun. I know You really like the way his head bobbles. We also have a signed picture of him. Now, I know you can’t answer me. And even if you could you know how it goes…Father makes decision for son because son is too young to know any different.

But I think you know what to do. You already know that a sugar rush from chocolate is not the best thing for you. And you really hate neddles when Mom takes you to the Doctor. I can’t see you appreciating the dark science of drugs and baseball. Myself? I hate cheater-cheater pumpkin eaters. Cheaters for sure. Pumpkin eaters? Not so much.

So, here’s what I’m gonna do Kahzmir. I’m gonna take our tainted memorabilia to Gate 9 of the Rogers Centre and drop it off at Godfrey’s office. I’m going to tell him that he and the rest of MLB better start getting their act together. And fast. I really would like to tell MLB to take their bobbleheads, turn it sideways and….well, you get the picture.

I don’t want to see roided up meat heads. I don’s care if a player has to take a year off to rehab instead of 6 months. I want to take my son to watch a ball game. I want to see a pitcher master the strike zone. I want to see John Macdonald dive into shallow left and throw a runner out at first. I want to watch a player stretch a single into a double.

I want to watch 9 innings of baseball played between 2 white lines. I don’t want to watch 9 innings of baseball played in the dark confines of hotel rooms or laboratories.

Hey Kahzmir – Let’s Play Ball!