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I always get asked, “How do I get more people to follow me on Twitter?”  I figure I get asked this question because these same people have yet to meet folks like @unmarketing, @clickflickca, or @erinbury.  All these folks have more “followers” than I will have in several lifetimes.

I also get asked this question because my clients (through thirdocean) and potential clients aren’t heavy personal users of social media tools.  They are more interested in how to leverage these tools to grow their already successful businesses.  I’m not the biggest dude on Twitter and I don’t pretend to be.  However, because I’ve been asked, allow me to share with all of you what I’ve been doing on Twitter.

Follow To Be Followed:

This is the easiest way to gain a following.  It’s not based on anything you’ve created or the value that you give to others.  It’s only based on you following other people.  Follow me and there’s a chance that I might follow back if I like your tweets and content you are creating.

Cater To A Specific Crowd:

There was a time when I was live-tweeting a Toronto Maple Leaf open practice.  And guess what happened?  My follower count went through the roof over a two-day period of time.  Again, I wasn’t trying to gain more followers and those that did follow me have probably left.  Why? Because I don’t generally tweet about the Leafs.

Provide Valuable Content:

Content is King. Content leads to conversation. Conversation leads to engagement. Engagement will lead to so much more than followers on Twitter.  It can lead to opportunities: both personal and professional.  Be human and be valuable.  Not all your tweets have to be mind-blasting or inspirational.  But please try to provide content that people will want to read and share.


If you read a tweet that you like take a moment and share it with your followers.

Don’t Buy Followers:

Yes it is possible to buy followers.  Not only does it cost you money.  But, long-term, it will cost you credibility.

Well, these are just some of my recommendations.  What are some of yours?

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