how ali asaria uses social to succeed

One of the great things about social is that is doesn’t really depend on technology as much as it depends on people.  And of the Canada’s entrepreneurs who gets people is’s Ali Asaria.

Who is this guy and what the heck is

Ali Asaria is the founder of the largest Canadian online health and beauty store that no one has ever heard of,  You can get everything including dry goods, cashews, glass water bottles and even board games like The Settlers of Catan.

So where does social fit in all this?  If we remember it’s all about the people then its easy to see how this all comes together.

More than anything Ali focuses on people over product.

Ali does his utmost to create a culture based on giving both his employees and customers reasons to come back to

It can be something like a morning catered breakfast for all staff.  Or something simple like a toll-free number on every page on their website.

Lesson:  It’s all good and well (see how I did that?) to have a cool business powered by an e-commerce site.  But what makes business work in this age of word of mouth and social marketing is when we focus on the people.  It’s what makes pixels profitable. employees