I remember my childhood bedroom. I think it was even bigger than my parent’s room. However, they did have a walk-in closet and a walk-out balcony!

I actually had a couple of other rooms in that house in east-end Toronto. The second was in the basement. My own floor! The third was my last before I left home. It ended up being the smallest. My younger brother took my big room when I moved in the basement. Now my grandmother lives in that big bedroom.

What does this bedroom have to do with heros? Nothing really, but it does remind me of a drawing on the wall many years ago when my brother resided there.

The shirt label. Wash in warm water, Tumble dry, Have Heros. Heros? Yup. Amazing, eh? I think we all need heros. Super-Heros and Everyday Heros.

Even heros we’ve never said thank you to. I hope you enjoy THIS.

Who is Your Hero? Why?

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