Hello June. I thought you’d never make it….

5 months have gone (ok, in a day!) and do you know where your 2008 went?

It seems that the 5 months have brought to Canada a little of the doom and gloom and initiated in the States. High gas pump prices, higher costs at the Chinesse restaurant and higher housing costs with lower home values. But hey, what goes up, must come down! So here we go…

Work for CIBC? Own CIBC stock? Have a CIBC t-shirt? So sorry.

Running away to England? Maybe you’ll get a DEAL on a house. Yeah, prices are coming down across the pond as well.

Lose a few bucks on the lottery? So did U.S. Banks….$37 BILLION! Ouch.

Here’s some good news….Prices up in early May. Shoot! Sales fall though. Oh well.

Chris Chelios knows a thing or two about winning Stanley Cups. He’s on the verge of winning another one with the Detroit Red Wings (sorry Pens). But Chelios also knows real estate. Kinda.

Karim Kanji