Golden Thoughts – 1

Have you ever had so much in your head, that just getting them down in words is the hardest part?

I have lots of thoughts from over this past week. Everything from planning stages, event execution, experience, etc. However, I will limit my online writing to what I call Golden Thoughts.

Golden Thoughts are images and thoughts inspired by the wisdom and guidance from the man the West calls The Aga Khan. My son calls him Mowla Bapa. So do I.

Civil Society.

It always sounded a bit academic to me. Then I heard it in plain English. People helping people. That’s it! In today’s uncertain economic climate where the West struggles and the East waits to see what happens, what we all need to do is lend a helping hand.

And not just because we are in an economic storm. But because it’s the right thing to do.


(Picture from Vancouver Sun)