Friday Lesson – Create

At least once per month I will highlight a business, life or even funny lesson here. My purpose is not to teach nor preach but to share some of the crumbs I’ve gathered from other people’s tables.

At my workplace and business I’ve come to learn that one of the best ways to attract business is to paint as positive a picture of myself, my service/product and my company as I possibly can. What I used to do was tear down my competition as if they were some sort of alien enemy hell bent on my destruction. In fact, what I do today is heap praise on my competitors when their name or brand is brought up by my clients.


Lesson – You attract what you project. If I project positiveness and goodwill this is what I will attract. Therefore, if I’m negative (towards myself or others) THIS is what I will get in return. If I’m positive, I will reap positive returns.

This is why the following article confused me. Kill Your Competition. I believe if we all want more business we should focus on uncovering our clients or prospects needs and fill that need. Bashing the other guy doesn’t bring anyone any business.

And I think we can say the same thing in regards to our relations with people. Small people talk about other people. Successful (in life) people talk about concepts and ideas.

What are your thoughts? What approach do you take in life/business? Do you spend time tearing down or building up? I’d love to read your thoughts and ideas.