#FollowFriday: Head of Magic – Saul Colt

I won’t pretend to speak for Saul but I’ve considered him a good friend and mentor since before rocks were soft. Or 2009.

I was first introduced to Saul via a blog post by another good friend, Sameer Vasta. Sameer wrote a post about job titles in 2008 which referred to Saul’s title, Head of Magic. I was intrigued. Who has the audacity to insist on a title (especially with his employer at the time: FreshBooks) like that? Saul!

When he began working at Zoocasa, I was in the same industry. So I took it upon myself to grab a drink/lunch with him whenever I could. And guess what? Saul gave me his time. He didn’t ask for anything in return except to introduce him to cute women and never c@#k block him.

For those that don’t know Saul check him out. He is a word of mouth marketing genius who transcends technology and trends to focus on results.

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For his friendship, time and wisdom, Saul is my #FollowFriday for this week.