flyte socks

Sock Series #2: Flyte Socks

I don’t remember where I heard about Flyte Socks for the first time. But it was before they were actually selling socks online. Two things caught my attention.

First, they are a Toronto-based start-up. And as Toronto is my home I was naturally attracted to them. Second, they were going to launch on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter? For socks. Well, ok I guess. And as they began to the process of launching two more things stood out to me as compelling: The material they chose to use was going to be bamboo. This has made the socks both light (comfortable as heck!) and durable (no holes after wearing them – so far!).

Second, the socks didn’t come in pairs. They came in threes. A socks threesome! Why? Because everyone has lost a sock. Or two. Or, in my case, lots.

Our tagline, Feel the difference is not only an insinuation to the softness of our socks, but also is a reference to the confidence we know our socks will instill to the people who wear them.

Own the room in your next company meeting and stand out at parties.  Whatever the occasion, our bright, colorful and bold socks are designed to turn heads.