As you may know this is the Muslim month of Ramadan. According to the Islamic faith Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during this holy month. (For a proper explanation please take some time to check out Wikipedia or other sources. My point today is to give you my perspective.)

Why am I fasting?

Well, that’s not as simple to answer as it is to ask. I could answer, because as a Muslim I am supposed to fast during Ramadan. But then again, there are lots of things I am supposed to do or not do. I’m not perfect. And I also don’t want to insinuate that if someone does not fast that they are not a proper Muslim. You see, I also believe that we have been given the power of choice.

That’s right, we get to choose what we do or don’t do. This does not make our choices correct, incorrect or otherwise. It just makes our choices our own.


You asked.

Islam, at it’s core is both a pluralistic faith and a pluralistic culture. There are many traditions and interpretations about being a Muslim. The practice of fasting being one of them.

Why am I fasting? Because it’s a battle that I want to fight. And one that I am determined to win.

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