Election Dysfunction and Political Envy

Today, we will just ask questions rather than offer personal observations.

In the States (our elephant cousin to the south) they have Barack Obama and John McCain. Regardless of how you feel about their individual politics and parties they do offer one thing.


Obama reminds my parents and their generation of JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. McCain continues to tell his story about surviving a POW Camp.

Is this important? I’m not really sure in the grand scheme of things. However, it does make things a little more exciting. Just look at Canada.

Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion both lead the two BIG national parties. One of them will be our next prime minister. Notwithstanding their politics, they are both very boring. Personality? Nada.

Jack Layton of the NDP may be the most charismatic leader. Is this because he’s a socialist? Maybe. However, with the NDP he will be rendered silent. His personality will have little airtime. Gilles Duceppe, of the BQ – His party is only running in Quebec so who cares?

Elizabeth May of the Green Party seems to be the most interesting candidate. I think she needs a media advisor though as she seems to get a little careless. The Greens will need a larger popular vote, more elected MPs and maybe electoral reform before the media will start paying attention to them.

Then again maybe I’m getting this all wrong. Maybe not.

Who do you think Canada’s most interesting political leader or candidate? Leave your comments at the ORIGINAL POST.