fashion and technology – beyond social media: sms episode 9

Yesterday afternoon, Jas Banwait joined me live as did Aditya Shah via Skype to chat about Fashion and Technology.  Again?  Can you believe it?  Who would have guessed that fashion would make a return to SMS before sports?  Don’t worry, my fashion un-sense will not improve.  I do have an un-image to uphold. 😉

On to the show! It was great.  We actually (as the title would suggest) talked more about technology and not just social media.  One of the topics we discussed was how would technology help independent designers and boutiques attract more customers.

Here’s my question to you, do you know of a mobile app or website that designers and boutiques could use to drive traffic to their stores?  If you do,  please share them here!

One that I can think of it  Running in Toronto, My City Lives uses videos to help maps come to life.  Imagine visiting the website and entering “independent clothing store”.  Up would pop up all the independent clothing stores that people have posted videos about.  Simple yet effective.

Anything else?