christine estima and karim kanji

Christine Estima

Christine Estima has been professionally writing since she was 18. Since then, Christine has continued to write articles, essays, novels and even plays. You can find her on Twitter @christineestima.

This is Episode #147 of the Welcome! podcast.

  • Christine Estima is half Portuguese and half Lebanese.
  • Christine grew up near Montreal and currently calls Toronto home.
  • Christine is also a professional house sitter!
  • We chatted about her two more recent from The Walrus (about Christine reporting her assault) and the New York Times (racism and ethnicity).
  • Christine has also had Twitter wars with the “most hated man in the world”, Martin Shkreli!
  • We argued about the recent Banksy exhibit in Toronto.
  • Christine has a love of urban art and graffiti and has also had a piece of art created in her honour!
  • Christine Estima has also appeared at various Spoken Word events.
  • Christine also shared her opinions on the #MeToo movement and her thoughts on Jian Ghomeshi and CK Lewis.

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This episode was taped at Girth Radio studios inside the Pacific Junction Hotel bar in Toronto.

Music by Afraaz Mulji.

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