Check, check, check, check it out!

So, lots of STUFF has happened in the weird and wacky world of weal, I mean Real Estate over the past couple of weeks.

Now, instead of all the boring stuff like how r.e. is the preferred investment choice of investors or that the market will/won’t crash, I bring to you the wacky stuff.

And beleive you me. It’s all WACKY!

Now this is interesting. Anthony Dorsett, son of Hall of Fame RB Tony Doresett was recently cut at training camp by my beloved Argooooooooooooooooooos! Did you know that he left football and started a successful real estate business? I would not call this a cut. Rather a promotion! Man, with real estate commissions who would wanna play for a mid-level CFL salary? (I hear they DO pay more than Toronto FC!)

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READER ALERT! The following is a wonderful little story about a former Montreal area Realtor. Read theis heartfelt story HERE.