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Tech Talks – Episode #5: Jordan Sheridan

Earlier this month I spoke with Jordan Sheridan who is the General Manager for Modern Workplace at Microsoft Canada.

Recently, Microsoft and Ipsos released a report that showed if leaders want to drive growth and innovation, they must foster a workplace culture that unleashes their employees’ creative approach to problem solving and desire to collaborate in order to generate fresh ideas.

Jordan Sheridan shares his thoughts on this new research and discusses with Karim Kanji how companies and businesses need to adapt to this new workplace reality.

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Tech Talks – Episode #1: Tech Talks with Karim Kanji (Seth Greene)


I got my first start in media with Techvibes as their Toronto Community Manager (if we don’t include a couple of appearances on York University’s community radio station in the early 1990s).  I’ve been removed as an “author” from Techvibes but most of my work still remains on the website.

Recently, I’ve contributed to as a community blogger.  However, I had not contributed for a while until very recently. Moving forward, I’ll be doing my best to contribute on a weekly basis. This time via the spoken word.

Introducing: Tech Talks with Karim Kanji.  Hosted on Mixcloud and distributed by itbusiness, Tech Talks will feature bite-sized conversations with leaders in technology and business.

My first conversation was with Seth Greene. Businesses are using podcasts as a platform for marketing now more than ever and leading this trend is Seth Greene. I hope you enjoy!