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Best of Netflix

I’m addicted to Netflix. Maybe not so much as the next Netflix addict. I watch most, if not all, my “TV” on Netflix. If Neflix had the latest episodes of The Daily Show, Schitt’s Creek and Mr. D then I would be a 100%-er.

For my money, Netflix has the best shows. Hands down. I thought about writing this post after finishing the second season of Daredevil last night. The last three episodes are amazing!! When I first started watching season one of Daredevil I was less than enthused. However, I gave it a second chance after season two was released and became hooked.

Here are my favourite Netflix programs:

Lilyhammer: Starring Steven Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen’s band, this show follows a former gangster who chooses to live in Norway as part of a witness protection program. It was Netflix’s first original program. And in my opinion, it’s the best. Steven character, Frank, is played to perfection. It’s a show with plenty of laughs and drama. I was actually sad it ended after three seasons.

Sense8: From the siblings who brought us all the adventures of Neo in the Matrix trilogy, Sense8 is a scifi drama that consists of 8 characters who have the ability to connect emotionally and mentally. The Wachowski’s bring their brand of mind-bending storytelling to this award-winning series. Only one season has been made. Netflix has picked up a second season. I can’t wait to watch this!!

House of Cards (Season One): Probably the best season of the four that have been released so far. When season one was released THIS was the show that spelled the demise of cable TV as we know it.

BoJack Horseman (Season One): I have not watched the entire second season. But season one is a blast. It’s a fun and emotional roller-coaster. As long as you don’t mind that the main character, voiced by Will Arnett is half man/half horse.

Making A Murderer: Is he guilty or innocent? Did her even receive a fair trial? Is the whole freaking town corrupted?! This true Steve Avery documentary will captivate you like nothing else.

Master of None: The best TV comedy in recent memory. It’s funny while also being honest about how real people actually behave. And I did like that it was not full of white people. Who knew the world was coloured… Season Two has been picked up by Netflix.

Honourable Mentions: Better Call Saul (Netflix has distribution rights), From Dusk till Dawn (distribution rights).

Best TV Show on Netflix that wasn’t on Netflix: West Wing. Hands down the best series I’ve ever watched. Kinda bummed that it’s no longer on Netflix. I would pay money to own the DVDs to this.