And That’s The Bottom Line!

So, the kids are back to school, the sky is getting darker earlier, and local stores are packed with Thanksgiving and Halloween memorabilia. Where did the summer go? Trade show season marks the unofficial start to the Realtor’s “New Year”. It’s time to make those listing presentations and help your clients sell and buy their homes.

As with you, it’s time to get my butt back into gear as well. Here at RealCash, we are working to ensure that we continue to provide outstanding service and product to all of you. At present, we are looking to take advantage of new technologies to get cash into your hands even faster and more convenient! I’ll keep you updated on this new and exciting development!

In the meantime, if you are not already a satisfied client of RealCash then I haven’t done my job. Therefore, let me take this e-zine (email magazine) to tell you our story and how you can benefit.

Why commission advances and Why RealCash?

Why wait weeks – even months – to get paid? No other profession does! If all waivers have been signed you are able to get your commission the next day – or even sooner! Why does this benefit you? CASHFLOW! Pay for your bills, mortgage, kids school, and even your business marketing campaign. And guess what? You did not have to get into debt! And the amazing thing is the cost of obtaining an advance is tax deductible! Furthermore, I guarantee that our service will be the best in the industry. And I haven’t even mentioned our simple, low and affordable rates.

Now I know I’m tooting my own horn, so I’m going to end here. And some of our clients are going to talk to you instead. But before I leave you – Thank you. Thank you for reading this e-zine and for allowing RealCash to serve you and your financial needs. To reach me call toll-free at 1.800.265.2694 or 416.444.7790.

My name is Julie Cleaveley and I am a sales representative with Prudential Lifestyles Real Estate in Orillia. I have had a recent opportunity to deal with RealCash and have nothing but good things to say. The people on the phone were very friendly and helpful and my money was in my account by early the next business day and at less than half the cost of Agents Equity. If the need arises again and I need a cash advance I will most certainly deal with RealCash again. I recommended them to my partner who also used them and found them to be very helpful.

Thank You

Julie Cleaveley

I have used RealCash for more than ten years to smooth the cash flow of my real estate business. Not having to wait several months for commissions paid on closing is extremely convenient. I have always had excellent, “hassle-free” dealings with Tony Fragiskos here in Ottawa and have found the Toronto office to be very helpful and efficient when Tony is away. I can thoroughly recommend their program and, having compared it to others, I know that they are more than competitive in their pricing.

Helene Amyotte

“I have known Karim Kanji and his company – RealCash Bancorp Inc. – for the past couple of years. He deals with me in a very professional manner. I have no problem referring him to my agents. Furthermore, I would not hesitate referring RealCash to any of my associates with other Brokers and companies.”

Hamid Azizi

Hats off to Tony Fragiskos and his RealCash team! Ever since I have moved my team to Keller Williams they have provided a quick and seamless service – with a smile. The quality and speed of his communication with agents and with our administrative staff makes for a good experience all around any time we call on him.

Eric Cosgrove

Hi Karim:You are welcome.Just so you know, I did check out other sources 6 years ago and chose Real Cash. I intend to stay with your firm until I go to that horizontal box in the sky. It’s called loyalty.Sometimes when our cable service shuts down I call Rogers and the first thing I hear is “thank you for choosing Rogers.” The truth is I have no choice. When it comes to cash flow, I did and do have a choice and I don’t have to even think about when my deals close in order to balance things.Have a good weekend.

John Heys

“Advance received this am. You have provided an excellent level of service. I will have no hesitation in continuing to do business with RealCash or to recommend you to my colleagues.”

David Cormier
Sales Associate

“Good evening Karim…As always it is great to hear from you. When I was in Halifax, I built up quite a working relationship with your Company. I always appreciated the speedy, professional service that I received from you and your staff when I was in need of your help with commission advances. Rest assured that if I was in need of commission advances that I would certainly be calling on RealCash to take care of those needs.

Have a great day.”

Marlene Wright

“I appreciate doing business with you. Thanks to Joe for the hard work he does to accommodate us. I am fully satisfied with the services provided by your establishment. Thanks.”

Mubashar Dar