A View from February 25th 2008

Well, here I am. Back again. Stirred but not shaken. So, here we go. News and views from everything real estate in Canada and maybe from other places…..

Did you know that Toronto is Toronto’s biggest landowner? Neither did I. and to think these guys are running short on their budget. Did they not know we are 10 years into a Real Estate boom?

Looking for a 78% return? Well, you’re 10 years late. Or maybe not. If you have a roof over your head and you own that roof you may be richer than you think.

Calgary seems to be crowded because now they are looking to the sunny U.S. south for vacation homes.

Toronto seems to be slowing down. February is not over but here’s the news so far.

Non-Descript East York lowrise stars in Hollywood thriller, JUMPER. I wonder if Juno lives there….

Toronto is slowing down. What is happening in Calgary? How is a 35% jump sound to you? Nice!

2 interesting articles about the U.S. housing/mortgage slump/disaster.

Canadian Realtors may be getting into MMA soon. Why? Because they are becoming targets of more and more violence.

Sharia Loans. Scam or Not? I dunno really. Some say scam. Others feel a need is being met. I think they are a scam because ALL loans (even if they are dressed as sheep) charge interest.

Now that you have read this far you get a treat. CMHC’s 1st quarter Outlook.


Karim Kanji