A New Friend

I’m in England as I write this post.
One of my favourite things to do these days is meeting new and interesting people. Today I had the opportunity to meet a guy who’s attempting to set SIX Guiness World Records. His name is Dave. I met him while he was rowing outside a clothing store in Basingstoke.
No, he wasn’t rowing down the River Thames. He was rowing on a stationary rowing machine, outside, in the cold and mostly damp English autumn.

So you know I had to go and ask him if he needed directions to the nearest mental facility. Turns out Dave is a great guy with an even bigger heart for people. He’s basically dedicated more than 2 years of his life, everyday, to help raise funds and attention to a worthwhile local charity.

Check out Dave’s adventures at http://www.worldrecordrow.com/ and please follow him and his adventures at http://twitter.com/worldrecordrow.