2018 Ontario Election

2018 Ontario Election Primer with Dan Speerin

The 2018 Ontario Election is now upon us. Believe it. Dan Speerin joined me inside Pacific Junction Hotel’s Girth Radio studio to talk everything you always wanted to know about next week’s Ontario election but were too afraid to ask.

Listen to this episode before you vote on June 7th.

This is Episode #128.

Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • The history of how Patrick Brown was parachuted in Barrie to begin his political career.
  • How the 2018 Ontario Election was Patrick Brown’s to lose until…well, we all know what happened.
  • Doug Ford’s hijacking of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.
  • What actually happened between Doug Ford having an insurmountable lead in all polls to being in a virtual tie with Andrea Horwath’s New Democratic Party of Ontario.
  • The reasons why Doug Ford hasn’t released the costs of his 2018 Ontario election platform.
  • Why the Ontario Liberal Party and Kathleen Wynne are so unpopular in Ontario.
  • Will millennials turn out on June 7th to vote for Andrea Horwath’s New Democratic Party?
  • The role of the Ontario Proud Facebook page and how it has over played it’s own importance in the 2018 Ontario Election.
  • The role of the mainstream media bias and how that is creating false narratives for and against all the major political parties in the 2018 Ontario Election.
  • Stay tuned until the very end. Dan Speerin tells all our listeners who we should NOT vote for next Tuesday in the 2018 Ontario Election.

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Recorded live at Girth Radio.

Music by Afraaz Mulji. 

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