10 Things I Love about London

London, England is an amazing city to say the least. Last summer I had a chance to catch a Blue Jays game at the old Yankee Stadium in New York City. At the time I thought New York was THE city that never sleeps. Boy, was I wrong! London is right up there with New York.

To end of this blog series from London, here are my 10 favourite things about London:

  1. Size. Size is everything. London is a huge city. If you travelled from the north end of London to the south on the M25 (the circular motor/highway that encompasses London) it would take you almost an hour and a half at a speed of 100km/hr. Why do I like this? It means that there is more to see and experience: Neighbourhoods, shopping, restaurants, etc.
  2. Nandos. Is there a Nandos restaurant where you live? Maybe there is one in the city you live in. In London, Nandos is everywhere! It’s as prevelant as Swiss Chalet is in Toronto. The only difference is the tender chicken, amazing variety of Peri Peri sauces and the endless supply of Coke Zero!
  3. Charity Shops. I understand there is Variety Village and Goodwill stores in Canada. But really, would you brag about shopping at these places? In London, charity shops can be found in your local trendy shopping district. And the clothes and bargains to be found are plenty. I purchased a Zara brand suede jacket for under 4 British Pounds (that’s less than $10 Cdn!).
  4. Roundabouts. In the city where the traffic light was invented, it is hard to believe that roundabouts still exist. However, it keeps the traffic flowing. Anyone from Toronto would love that!
  5. Museums. And not just the world renowned Natural Museum with the dinasour bones. There are plenty of museums and art gallery’s in this city. And the museums are FREE. That’s right, no charge. I think Chris Anderson would like that.
  6. Public Transit. London is a city where one can literally travel anywhere, and I mean anywhere, by public transit. Public transit in London includes bus, train and underground. There are various zones and times and prices to match. For example, one could travel all night long on the famous London buses for under 5 British pounds! Or, you could use all the different options and travel with your family for up to 24 hours for under 50 British pounds. Not only is the pricing outstanding, but so is the coverage. Anywhere in London is accessible to everywhere at all times.
  7. No urban sprawl. This does not mean there are no “big” homes or green spaces. It means that London takes it’s space serious and does not waste it. For a city as huge, dense and populated as London, it’s incredible that it’s basically void of highrises.
  8. Cobblestone. There is that “something” about roads and sidewalks make of rock and stone isn’t there?
  9. Weather. London gets it’s fair share of rain and overcast days. As a Torontonian, I would swap a week of sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow for a month of rain and drizzle. It is impossible to play golf year round in Toronto. In London? Fore!
  10. People. What would a city be without it’s people? I am fortunate that I could travel to London at anytime and have a place to stay. With lots of family and friends, London easily tops my list as one of the best cities that I have ever travelled to.

What’s your favourite city (besides the one you live in)? I would love to read your thoughts!