YOU are better off.

Pick up any newspaper, listen to news talk radio, or read the online reports and you’d think we are seconds away from reaching economic Armageddon.

Think again:

  1. Gas prices are 50% lower than they were last summer.
  2. You have yet to lose money in the stock market or in your mutual funds because you don’t own any.
  3. The cost of to feed yourself and your family has decreased (due to the decline in fuel prices).
  4. The fact that prices for commodities have been slowly creeping downwards means that your spending less and saving more (in your CIDC-protected bank account).
  5. You are either out of debt or your debt load has decreased because of your decreased spending!


There are probably many other reasons why you are further ahead today than you were a year ago. And maybe that’s not the point because you don’t really feel you’re better off. You know why?

You’re listening to “they”. Who are “they”? Media and those who live according to the gospel of “they”/media. (And this is not a media bashing piece.)

So, what to do?

  1. Start following/listening to people who are positive. I recently spoke to a successful Realtor who was around during the last official recession. Him and his firm are keeping busy during this “slowdown”. Why? Because he chooses to be. Sounds simple? The successful people always seem to make it sound so…
  2. Start making things happen for yourself. If you have a service or product to provide continue telling your story. Make friends. Develop relationships. Haven’t started? Start.
  3. Watch the masses and do the opposite. You’ll be glad you did.

What are your thoughts? Are you a lemming or a initiator? Do you make things happen or wait around to react to what’s happening? Do these suggestions help you? Your comments are most welcome!