the week that was

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone.  It’s been a really cool week.  Lot’s of opportunities have been coming my way recently.   

If you want a pulse on what’s happening with me follow me on Twitter.  I’ve even been asked to do a meetup overseas.  I’ll let you know how that turns out the closer it comes.

Ready to go back to the future?  Here we go!


  1. Everyone watched the Olympics.  Well, almost everyone.
  3. Tweet & Win (another reason to be on Twitter)
  4. TheBizMedia (video)
  5. 5 Questions…with Joallore Alon (a MUST follow for Torontonians in Toronto)
  6. Julie Tyios and the TTC
  7. Lavalife 
  8. Top 25 technology predictions from futurist Dave Evans
  9. iBizBook’s Community Manager (video)
  10. Art of Marketing Twitter contest winners (another reason to be on Twitter!)
  11. The Canadian Budget and technology


  1. Finding your online pulse (video)

  1. “knows” what the most popular Olympic story was!

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Have a great weekend!